About Us

PoCo Paper was born out of concern for perserving the planet. We began to notice the large amount of paper that we were adding to the trash. This trash then moves on to our local landfill. Because we were looking for ways to commit to a clean planet, it became increasingly important for us to recue that waste. PoCo was born in the early morning hours when Anita's creativity is at its height. The joining of the words post and consumer became PoCo. Then the work began!

Our handmade line of products is made of 100% post consumer fiber. Wikipedia.com defines post consumer waste as a waste type produced by the end consumer of a material mainstream; that is, where the waste-producing use did not involve the production of another product. For example, the envelopes that we use are 100% recycled with 20% post consumer fiber. That means that 80% of the fiber came from manufactured scrap and 20% is post consumer fiber.